Austin Musselman is a Venture Capitalist who was looking for a name and brand for his investment company. Austin has trusted Windham Designs to brand, and in some cases name, his businesses. Each venture is always inspiring, fun, and a creative project.


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White Oak Investments is a family-run private holding and investment company based in Louisville, KY. The focus of White Oak Investment evolves around the lifestyle, family passion, and interests, including cancer research, land conservation, and sustainable food and farming. Other devotions include Kentucky history, heritage, music, and the arts.

Since the family’s multi-generational wealth is a derivative of the bourbon and spirits industry, I used this to influence both the company name ideation (White Oak Investments, LLC) and the visual brand asset development that surrounds it. 

The oak is a prominent tree known for its strength and grandeur. They are slow to grow but resilient. The mighty oak is also a critical raw material in the production of Kentucky bourbon. As an investment firm, naming the company and using the acorn, the seed for growth, seemed most appropriate. 

The members of White Oak Investments put the same care and attention to detail into their companies as a cooper would in crafting a bourbon barrel from white oak staves. Every step is essential, each barrel unique.