Excel Rehab and Sports is a physical therapy clinic with an exceptional purpose and a mission and staff that are dedicated to a unique hands-on approach to wellness. Timothy Moore, CFO, was looking for a design agency to assist in building the brand and website to represent the rapidly growing clinic as it expanded to include upstate South Carolina and southeastern Tennessee.


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Website Design 

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Excel Rehab and Sports was expanding quickly, and we needed to build a website that would work for multiple markets and clinics. We broke down its services into three main segments: Physical Therapy, Hand Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. We also needed a clear interface to communicate with patients, future patients, students, and doctors.

Our main focus was making it easy for patients to get the treatment they needed. We did this by making it easy to request an appointment online by making that functionality visible on all pages and highlighting the practice’s contact information. We also included a live chat function as an additional way to connect with patients.

We wanted a clean design that was easy to manage and made sure that clients could easily get to their regional clinic. We also needed this site to be a portal for information to reinforce the positioning that Excel Rehab and Sports is the PT clinic in each region.

This company will continue to grow due to its solid leadership, focused position, and ability to attract top talent. The section of the site that gets the most traffic is the tool we developed to attract the best, brightest, and most passionate staff to work at Excel Rehab and Sports.