Windham Designs

  • WDG Studio

    120 Coral Ave., Louisville, KY 40206

    • WINDHAM DESIGNS provides professional advertising and branding design solutions for small to medium-size companies.

      Our existence isn’t founded around the selfish pursuit of design awards and agency recognition. Instead, we look to our clients’ growth and expansion as the only accolade worth mounting to the wall. We operate on a strong belief that customer service and efficiency can be paired with results-oriented creative.

      Although our roots and a majority of our clients are grounded in nature, the outdoors, and the activities surrounding them, over the years, we’ve found that the formula for success is similar in all markets — define an opportunity and develop a solution. The process will indicate the form and the message, be it advertising, internet development or social marketing.

  • WDG Studio

    120 Coral Ave., Louisville, KY 40206

    • The process is the essence of design.

      Good design is simple, precise and, most importantly, targeted to your communication needs. Design is integral in a successful company, idea or direction. Our designs form clarity, build desire, create a following and are paramount in developing a competitive advantage.

      Don’t exist, better your existence.

      Contine to slide 3 for a breakdown of our services.


      Your presence on the web is critical, be it Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business. Promote a brand, sell a product or disseminate information and materials to your sales force and distribution channels.

      From the ground up, we build around a rich architecture, custom designed for your needs. The end result is one that is sustainable with effortless usability and a presentation that is true to your brand’s orientation.


      Looking to launch a new company or reinspire a brand that has come to battle with new competition? Windham Design Group has over a decade of experience in germinating successful brands, and will sling-shot your venture — Let’s commence.


      Although it’s a contracting medium, advertising is still one of the most powerful communication tools when used properly. We shape and design impactful visual campaigns that bring you positive leads with trade groups or end consumers – making it a must for your marketing mix – so don’t short yourself.


      Word-of-mouth has expanded into digital-word-of-mouth and its marketing importance has flourished to unimaginable heights. Don’t be left behind. We can tap into the social networking chain for you and broaden your message through these new and stimulating channels of communication.


      We stress the importance of photography and photo illustration as a key component for advancement. We are equipped to meet your photographic needs, whether you require a digital studio or location lifestyle photography to round out your campaign.


      Thanks to the speed of the Internet and the technological breakthroughs in bandwidth and compression, video is, and has been, one of the biggest improvements in information technology. Video can solve complex problems of communication and is ideal to assist in selling, education or training.