In north-central Kentucky resides a group of friends who has a unique passion for the outdoors and all things hunting and fishing. We enjoyed working closely with them to develop the brand and website for Homegrown Experience. This lifestyle brand connects individuals with similar interests and shares stories and information through social media, video, and a podcast.




Website Design • Branding • Podcast 

Creative Solutions

We developed a logo that incorporated the main hunting interests and simplified their content into three main categories that also became the brand’s tag line. “The Preparation – The Pursuit – The Experience.” From here, we used earthen colors and a bold font structure to build out the brand.

This was a fun project from start to finish and offered a lot of creativity to work with the many wonderful photos of the outdoors. “The Preparation” centers around the planning and preparation to ready your gear, property, or travel plans for the next hunt. “The Pursuit” contains the stories and informative learning experiences that grow out of the hunt itself. “The Experience” is the all-encompassing lifestyle and brotherhood that grows from the relationships formed around the outdoors. These bonds tend to gravitate toward the healthy and nourishing meals that we enjoy together after the hunt.