Hope Collaborative is an amazing multifaceted nonprofit that focuses on supporting underprivileged or abused youth. They provide services that include mentoring, tutoring, and engaging and enriching programs to supplement the love, education, and emotional support that may be lacking to properly advance their development.


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Marita Willis, the CFO, and director of Hope Collaborative engaged Windham Designs to improve its image with the goal of better representing its organization. The logo was inspired by a large mosaic that adorns its conference room. This mosaic was gifted to them but embodied everything they represent. The pieces are the broken communities, mixed economic classes, and scattered necessities needed to fix things. Left untouched, it is a pile of colored rocks. Hope Collaborative brings these pieces together to help, heal, and mend. This organization and its selfless volunteers bring these broken pieces together into something beautiful, regardless of race or religion — and the logo is a visual representation of its work.

Hope Collaborative needs our time and donation to continue their work, please support them with a donation today.