Austin Musselman contracted Windham Designs to name and build a brand for his investment and venture capital company. This was a blank-slate project with plenty of opportunities.


Company Naming • Branding


Corporate Identity • Name Ideation • Stationary • Website Design

Creative Solutions

White Oak Investment has a majority of the company’s assets and capital generated from the bourbon and spirits industry. Austin is also an avid outdoorsman who can name a tree from its bark in the depth of winter. This made building the brand name and identity a breeze. We built the company’s identity around the key natural resource used for bottling and aging fine bourbon. Also, the white oak tree represents a powerful, lasting, and enduring image to mirror the impact that Austin will have on his businesses.

The logo and logo mark were heavily influenced by eighteenth-century family crests and the signatures and identifying marks used on fine china from that same period. We finished the stationary on quality paper using a 19th-century letterpress. The care that Hound Dog Letterpress used was the finish we desired.