Austin Musselman approached Windham Designs to develop the brand identity and website for his fishing charter company, Old No. 7 Fishing. Austin, a descendent of George Garvin Brown, a family member and shareholder of Brown-Forman, wanted to tie the new boat in with Brown Forman’s largest global brand — Jack Daniels.


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Creative Solutions

With copyright permission granted from Brown-Forman, the boat was named Old No. 7, and the brand assets were created.

We built the website to show off the successes and exotic locations the charter service reaches around south Florida and deep into the Bahamas and San Salvador. The website infrastructure provides a wide range of content to inform clients about the variety of fish species, locations, and methods used to catch fish.

We wanted photography to be a focal point in capturing the enthusiasm, energy, and opportunities that happen aboard the Old No 7. We built the photo gallery to allow visitors to search, sort, and display images based on fish species, fishing methods, or locations, so viewers can pull up a map locator and captioning to learn the complete fishing story.