Prism Design partnered with Windham Designs to help support and improve several branding initiatives, including website, point-of-sale, hang tags, brochures, and dealer support collateral.

Prism Kites is a world-leading kite manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. Prism is known as one of the most innovative designers of kites. Prism carries a wide range of product offerings, from single-line kites used by novice kiters to professional stunt and power kites that adrenaline junkies use to harness the wind.


Branding • Merchandising • Sales • Marketing


Logo Design • Website Design • Merchandising • Packaging • Video Production • Advertising

Creative Solutions

Prism Design branding consisted of two main layers: engineering/design and the thrilling kiting lifestyle.

The cornerstone of Prism Designs is high-end German engineering. Only the best and lightest materials, precision, and accuracy in both design and production go into their products. The result? The best flying kites in the world.

Everything needed to illustrate the core principle that guides the company. The illustrations, copy, branding, and support materials had to reflect those values.

The second most important layer in the Prism branding was representing the lifestyle of Prism Design’s devoted customers. We used only the finest photography to show off the many places and opportunities to enjoy flight.

We carefully organized the website architecture to support Prism Kite’s vast knowledge base and product categories. Users could learn tricks, be inspired, find the exact kite to meet their needs, download manuals, or order replacement parts.


Prism Designs continues to be the world-leading manufacturer of kites. Our website has produced high SEO rankings, and its design and mechanics have stood the test of time, serving the client and company for seven years.