Mortgage Man Funding had to rename the company after years of building equity. The Department of Revenue deemed the company’s original name, “Mortage Man Funding” to be misleading. Because of that, Mike Fallot contracted Windham Designs to assist with name ideation and creating a new identity around the new moniker.


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Mortgage Man, now renamed “MM Lending” is a private equity firm that funds short-term loans used to remodel and short sell real estate properties. The process is known as “flipping.” Mortgage Man had a strong following within its market, so we strategically salvaged as much as we could from the old brand to provide a smooth transition. We salvaged colors, abbreviated the name, and developed a brand launch campaign that was very successful. 

The results? MM Lending retained existing business and quickly grew and expanded to include three additional markets, including Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Our focus was to use the color as a strong brand element and accentuate their messaging’s competitive strengths.