Immersion Research, prior to launching its new company in the late 90s, partnered with Windham Designs to develop its brand identity and first product catalog.

Immersion Research entered the paddlesports industry with a unique focus on providing fashion to what was previously a function-only market segment. John and Kara used the surfing industry fashion trends as their benchmark. They imparted their style and launched their successful product line of technical and fashionable soft goods. To this day, these catalogs remain some of the most enjoyable and energizing projects I’ve worked on.


Branding • Sales • Marketing


Logo Design • Catalog Design • Website Design • Merchandising • Product Photography • Packaging

Creative Solutions

The brand was launched with the logo design and catalog. Our brand positioning’s key component was to represent Immersion Research as the top technical paddlesport brand with style. We focused on key photoshoots involving top-known whitewater paddlers adorned in Immersion Research gear. Our goal? Show off the product on the best paddlers and represent the core ideals of paddlesport lifestyle: professional paddlers who are fully and completely devoted to kayak competition and adventure.

We executed our creativity using edgy and nonconforming design techniques and principles. The non-traditional photography that the competitors would dismiss were featured in our catalog. Our mix of photography and illustration, mixed with off-balance design and edgy perspectives, mimics the sport’s energy and youthfulness. At the center of it all are the innovative and fashionable products.