Hospitality Solutions, a property development and management group out of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, hired Windham Designs to revitalize the Gatlinburg Inn website and branding. In 2013, the Maples family, inheritors of this 1937 historic property, had the opportunity to sell the Inn for development into a modern hotel, restaurant, or another moonshine distillery. Instead, they chose the road less traveled. Passing on the opportunity to turn a quick and easy fortune, they decided to reinvest, restore, and preserve the Inn for future generations to enjoy.


Branding • Sales


Logo Design • Logo Mark Design • Identity • Website Design • Photography

Creative Solutions

We kicked off the creative process with a site visit to the property and soaked up its heritage and history to guide our path. While there, I documented everything from original documents, historic photos, and hidden closets filled with dusty antiquities. It was a time capsule of Gatlinburg from the 1930s. This research was the inspiration behind the creative process.

The logo takes advantage of a period slab-serif font. The etching illustration of the logo mark was from a photo of the original Inn. The website promotes the property’s history through rich copy and photography to support its great story. The website also handles reservations and has a custom sales promotion section that empowers the managers to promote and build on the website.


The Historic Gatlinburg Inn has been fully restored and has been registering guests at record levels.