Lara MacGregor, an ongoing survivor and fighter of cancer, was looking for the perfect logo to represent her organization. Hope Scarves is a nonprofit that raises money for metastatic breast cancer research and provides hope and resilient support to women with cancer.


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The amazing story of Lara and her fight with cancer begun when, during an early chemo treatment, a cancer survivor gave her hope and promise by sharing her positive story and good-luck scarf with her. That encouragement gave her the strength to fight and beat round one of her cancer. It’s that hope that was the foundation for Hope Scarves.

We represented this spirit, using the universal ribbon for cancer, and built it with bright and hopeful colors that symbolize the scarves and embracing love, hope, and togetherness the organization shares with those who have cancer.

Through this love, strength, and connectedness, these individuals share in others’ hope and willingness to attack cancer head-on. To watch Lara in her ongoing fight with this disease is awe-inspiring. She attacks every day with positivity and makes the most of her life. She has created a wonderful organization for others to do the same. To volunteer to help Hope Scarves on its mission, or to donate to metastatic breast cancer research, you can give by clicking this link.