Werner Paddles contracted with Windham Designs for eight years in the development of their marketing and advertising strategies.

Werner Paddles of Sultan, Washington, is the world’s leading paddle manufacturer. Known for their relentless pursuit of perfection and design, Werner sets the standard of paddle product design through their devotion to engineering, testing, design, and execution on what are simply the best paddles.


Branding • Merchandising • Sales • Marketing


Website Design • Catalog Design • Point-of-Sale • Merchandising • Sales Collateral • Photography • Packaging

Creative Solutions

Our mission was to represent the company’s core values. Making sure the image and message represent the dedication and German engineering that power the company’s success. Our design was clean, the message clear. We used illustration and purposefully built layout to organize the product segments to assist customers in finding the best paddle for their needs.

Photography would be where we let the lifestyle shine through, but never without prominent product positioning — always showcasing the location and performance in extreme and beautiful settings.

Additional opportunities included providing the selling message and tools to connect users with the ideal paddle. Werner Paddles offers the most comprehensive sizes and options to provide perfectly fitting paddles. We would use our in-store merchandising, catalog, and website to illustrate and simplify the fitting process.


Werner Paddles continues to grow as the world leader, mimicked, followed, and imitated by the entire industry — sought-after and in high demand by consumers and retailers of the premium paddle and paddle brand.