Windham Designs was contracted to create the brand, identity and visual library for a newly formed non-profit 501(c)3 land trust. Limestone Land Trust is a forward-thinking organization that acts as an advocate for, and trustee of, conservation easements in the counties surrounding Louisville, Kentucky: Bullitt, Hardin, Henry, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble Counties.

It was necessary for our marketing materials to reflect their intent, direction and mission. We needed to connect with Kentucky’s natural resources, but in a trusted and subtle way, so as to not unsettle skeptical landowners. In addition, the mark also needed to be professional enough to earn the respect of local government agencies, lawyers and wealthy property stakeholders.


Branding • Sales


Logo Design • Corporate Identity • Tagline Development • Website Design • Sales Collateral

Creative Solutions

Windham Designs worked closely with a small task force of board members and the Executive Director to develop a cohesive branding and sales package to best represent the board’s values, vision and direction. The brand, website and sales materials needed to strongly represent the region and the region’s rich resources that need protection.

The life-sustaining white oak tree became our focal point in developing the brand. Not only is it a key resource and notable hardwood in Kentucky’s forests, it is also a key commodity used to produce one of Kentucky’s most notable products — bourbon. The logo mark uses the white oak leaves to model the iconic recycled logo, building a subliminal connection to the intent and importance the trust has of protecting our environment.

The website platform was built to educate, inform and promote both the importance and the benefits of land conservation from unbridled and uncontrolled development. The design shows off the benefits and opportunities for protecting the land and environment. Sections of the site are devoted to providing rich stories of successful trusts and to promoting educational