Hospitality Solutions contracted with Windham Designs to help solve a branding challenge. The company has been experiencing rapid growth beyond property management and needed to better support their expansion into hotel and property development. In addition, they needed to position themselves for markets beyond Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.


Branding • Website Design


Logo Design • Website Design • Advertising • Public Relations • Photography

Creative Solutions

Since Hospitality Solutions evolved into a venture capital company to develop new hotel properties, we needed to better reflect and communicate their new mission and services.
The first step involved removing the word “Management” from their name to expand the brand’s reach. The new logo and logo mark strengthen their position and speak to the much broader hospitality, tourism and transportation market segments.
The website, their largest marketing tool, had to improve to better support the company. It was necessary to better define and communicate their mission. Inside each segment (Management, Development, Investing), we listed and detailed their projects and properties. In addition, the website provides secure access, allowing the corporate office to share and disseminate financial reports and sales goals with the property management team and investors.


Hospitality Solutions is the leading property development and management group in two of the country’s most visited tourist cities. Since the rebranding campaign, the company has built and acquired two more properties, growing the business by 40%.

The website can be viewed at hospitalitysolutions.net. This site also has a back-end secured access manager portal for sharing financial reporting with managers and investors.