Diamond Brand needed to stand out in both the Outdoor Retail and Government spaces. They had a long-standing reputation in the community but needed to better define themselves in an increasingly crowded market. REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods, two national box stores, were opening doors within a short driving distance from their storefront.

In addition to the competition, Diamond Brand needed to do a better job at segmenting and promoting its different business platforms.


Branding • Marketing


Corporate • Sales Collateral

Creative Solution

Diamond Brand contracted Windham Designs to rebrand both of its retail shops and consult on a corporate-level branding campaign to better define its core competencies. This print catalog piece was our top-level brochure that the CEO, CFO, and top-level Marketing and Sales team members used to promote and explain the business.

We designed a custom folder that could be used for any presentation. Inside, one could mix and match the different brochures depending on the presentation. This was key as there are conflicting tensions between their government contracting and their long-lasting outdoor retail clientele.